Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro – Portland, ME


Finally found a vegetarian restaurant in Portland, ME: Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro to the right.

Their menus left to right, top to bottom: Beverage, Alcohol, Dinner.

Roti Canai (Indian style flatbread w/ vegetable curry dip). Thicker than I expected, but can’t go wrong with roti!

Organic Green Tea Noodle (in miso soup w/ napa cabbage, soy filet, seaweed, scallion). Can’t really taste the green tea, probably because it soaked up all of the delicious, made-from-scratch, miso soup!

Their dessert menu. Guess what I got?

Chocolate Orange Mousse Pie! Great presentation, and it tastes great!

Although this place is a vegetarian restaurant, I felt good after eating this healthy food! Light and all natural! I will go back trying their other delights!

Green Elephant on Urbanspoon

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